Giving Up the Ghost (and Other Hauntings)

From the enchantments of childhood innocence to the disillusionment of adult relationships, most of our lives seem to be a series of events that happen to us and to which we respond. Some experiences we readily shake off, but others remain to obsess and haunt the waking world and our dreams. But in our imaginations lie possibility: What if there was a day of no death? What if we could express to those we will lose exactly what we wish to say? Can we return to memories and transform them into opportunities to learn and grow and to finally give up the ghost literally and metaphorically? Or are we forever doomed to be oppressed by our obsessions and by the things that haunt? Through various forms–personal essay, memoir, poetry, conjecture, etc.–this book invites you to explore the human condition as it is now and how it might be in the future. At once personal and universal, these linked narratives enter the obsessions of the author and the characters that people her fictional worlds. Pre-order here!

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Issue 3

Full-color print copy.

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Nature & Nature 3

Nature & Nature 3

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Nature & Nature 2

Nature & Nature 2

The second in a series of watercolor prints.

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Nature & Nature 1

Print of Nature & Nature 1

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Animal Hearts Issues 1 & 2



Animal Hearts Issue 2 Release!

Issue 2 is available in PDF format here:

animal hearts issue 2

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Animal Hearts Issue 2



Animal Hearts Issue 1 now available in PDF format for free!


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Synopsis: It is the year 2040 and tremendous developments in modern medicine have led to saving human lives through xenotransplantation (animal organ transplant). With a serious shortage of human heart donors, a team of American scientists from United Revive succeed in genetically engineering a special breed of pig that they then clone for organ transplant. Upon successful clinical trials, the U.S. government approves the company’s application to set up factory farms to produce clones of the special breed of pigs. One of the first recipients of a cloned pig heart, 15-year old Ernie, runs away from home with her original pig when she discovers that her mother, M, plans on turning the pig over to the company. At heart of this comic series are two primary ethical issues: animal rights and what it means to be human. The protagonist, Ernie, is a hybrid with a cloned pig heart facing an existential crisis: What am I? Am I human or pig or both?


Panther Boy (Illustrated Children’s Story) in Print

Panther Boy is the tale of a misfit cat that gets into lots of trouble at home with his adopted parents and sister cat. Follow the tale of this cat that’s part panther and part boy.

You Tube Video of Panther Boy by Tina V. Cabrera

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