Creative CV



                  “Death—A Play,” Vol. 22 No. 3 July/August  Eclectica Magazine

                  “Waking Hours,” Erotoplasty Ezine Issue 2

                  “Giving Up the Ghost,” Crack the Spine Issue 229

“NonTouch,” The New Urge Reader 2: Erotic Fiction By New Women Writers, Black Scat Books

“Return,” Big Bridge Magazine, Issue #18,

 “Not this Town,” Hobart Pulp, Fiction, December 9, 2014                  

“On the Other Side of the Freeway,” Issue 1


“One Photo of Miguel Cecilio,” Stirring: A Literary Collection, Volume 15, Edition 9: September 2013; forthcoming in the anthology A Shared Truth, Lamar University Press

                  “The thing about bruises is that they heal.” Uppagus, Issue 1

“Watch Out for Highway Workers,” Big Bridge Magazine, Issue 17

“Backwards,” Big Bridge Magazine, Issue 17

“After-Image,” Quickly, Issue 2/3 “Lash,” Crack the Spine, January 29, 2013, Issue 53

“God is in the Ceiling,” 15th Year anniversary Issue of Big Bridge


                  “Arms & Hands,” word·river Volume IV Spring 2012

“Monkey Square,” The Latent Print 2009

“Schemas,” Fearsome Fascinations Anthology, Outrider Press/TallGrass

Writers Guild 2009

“Regarding the Pain of Others,” Fiction International, Issue 41: Freak 2008

(Nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

“I Remember,” Admit2 4th Anniversary Issue Sept. 2008

“And More Casualties,” City Works 2008

NOVEL EXCERPTS (The Former Things Have Passed Away)

 A Child’s Hurt,” Bear the Pall: Stories & Poems about the Loss of a Parent, Ed. Sally K Lehman

 “Pioneer – A Broad View” & “Zoom in On a Pioneer Day,” XoJane

  “Saving I Love You,” City Works 2008

“My Mother,” 2008

“Love #1,” Insolent Rudder Winter Issue 2008



“Sunrise. Sunflower. Unblinking Eye.” & “Father Said,” 15th Year Anniversary Issue of Big Bridge Magazine

Beauty Other Than, Chapbook, winner of Midwest Literary Magazines Chapbook Contest 2011

Unadorned,” from Beauty Other Than, Love Notes Anthology, Vagabondage Press

“Gobsmacked” & “The Smell of Wet Pavement,” from Beauty Other Than, Midwest Literary Magazine 2011 and Broken Spades Anthology

“Caged My Heart” & “Heavy Water Shed,” San Diego Poetry Annual 2009-2010

“House of Blues,” City Works 2009

“Madwoman’s Nouns & Verbs,” San Diego Poetry Annual 2008

“My Life with Job,” red: a journal of arts: The Neplanta Issue: Vol. 2 2007


“Dream Reality,” Book of Shadows Luna Luna Magazine Oct. 27, 2017 

  “On Black & White Photography & A Memory,” Luna Luna Magazine, 017-08-15

“Breakfast Host with an MFA,” Easy Street Magazine April 1, 2017

Interview with Andy Stewart, F&SF Writer

“Day of No Dead,” Pleiades Issue 37.1, January 2017

“On Death, Dreams, and Memory,” Luna Luna Magazine, Ideas v. cabrera

“Return,” Big Bridge Magazine Issue # 18

Proposal for “Reading the Original: Translation in James’s Portrait of a Lady, The American, and The Wings of the Dove,” The Henry James Review, manuscript under review

 “Freeing the Sign: Symbols in Yeats’s Poetry and Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature, University of Houston Department of English

 Review of The Exiles, by Matthew Kirkpatrick, HTML Giant


“Re-Thinking the Creative Writing Workshop,” LitBridge Magazine


 “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius – The Intrusion of a Not-So-Fantastic World,”

Atenea: Journal of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez: Volume XXXI 2011,

“Letter to Báo Ninh,” Asian American Literary Review June 2011

Interview & Book Review: John Burgess, second book of poems, A History

                  of Guns in the Family, Web Del Sol Review of Books

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