I am a speculator: “a person who forms a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.” Always searching, investigating. This is the essence of my writing and artistic process, whether it be fiction, creative nonfiction, or some hybrid form. I push on through doubt–conjecturing and theorizing. My intent? To find meaning. In the end, I may not have “firm evidence” that the product of my struggle has any meaningful value, but I’m okay with that. Even scientists and philosophers push on in the face of doubt. My hope is that you–the reader–will connect with my meanderings. I know I am not alone in my speculating.

Bio: I am currently in a state of transition, having just moved to the PNW and given up my tenure-track job. I live, write, and make art. I offer services in editing, proofreading, drawing for commission, and tutoring. My credentials include a B.A. in English and an MFA in Creative Writing with a focus on fiction.

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