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Animal Hearts pg. 33 (Abba thinks he’s Abraham)



Press Fest ATX (free comics and zine festival)

Come say hello at Press Fest ATX tomorrow, Nov. 10th at the Austin Creative Alliance! I’ll be selling my illustrated children’s story “Panther Boy,” mini-comic on anxiety and depression “10,000 Steps,” and Issue 1 of Animal Hearts (17 pages)!

Another page for 10,000 Steps

AH Animal Sanctuary Testimonials (on animal cloning and welfare)



AH: Animal Lives Matter Protest



Lone Star Zine Fest ATX

So I went to Lone Star Zine Fest yesterday and picked up some really cool stuff from local artists from the Central Texas area. I especially like Ashley Robin Franklin’s “Follow You into the Dark.” Cool thing is these artists are self publishing and some really good stuff too. An inspiration for me as I’m just getting started in comics and illustrated stories.

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