Dog Daily

My new webcomic series has its first installment. Check it out in the “Dog Daily” tab. I plan on releasing a new installment every weekend. Feel free to leave any comments on the page!

Animal Hearts Issue 3 pg. 8


Animal Hearts Issue 3 Panel 6

All about Ming…

Indefinite break from social media

Why am I taking an extended break from social media saturation? Because after careful thought and sensing virtual overload, I feel it’s in my best interests mentally, physically, and emotionally. I won’t completely delete my account (at least not now—baby steps, baby steps), but I’ve deleted the app from my phone and electronic devices to avoid convenient access, which just feeds the vicious cycle of addiction (How many likes have I gotten? Why hasn’t anyone like my posting? I need validation! Recognition!)

So please, if you want to contact me, do so through–you know–the old fashioned way (email, text, instant messaging, phone call?!) I’ll continue to use WordPress to post web comics, art, and writerly text, so if you’re interested in what I’m up to and want to join the conversation, you can do so here, where I’ll be spending most of my online time. Thanks for reading this far!

Terrorized States of America

I find it hard to express my thoughts and feelings on gun violence in America, so I’m starting to explore them through art. Here is a panel in watercolor and ink–a first attempt at expression through image.

Animal Hearts Issue 3 Panel 7 (Obie makes a friend at Animal Sanctuary)


Animal Hearts Issue 3 First 5 panels


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