‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

I wore a rooster’s blood/when it flew like doves/I’m a bog of poisoned frogs/It’s a wonderful life


I recently discovered the music of Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) on NPR’s Fresh Air.  He committed suicide on March 10th ( two weeks ago) by shooting himself in the heart.  All 3 minutes of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is eery in both sound and lyrics.  I wanted to upload it here on Word Press, but am not able to without upgrading my account…I recommend downloading the song or entire album from ITunes as I did…his collaboration with David Lynch and others, Dark Night of the Soul is due out this year.

Below are two of my poems recently published in San Diego Poetry Annual 2009-2010: The Best Poetry From Every Corner of the San Diego Region.  The annual is on sale at Amazon.com, and there will be a live reading in Balboa Park in May (I’ll post the exact date soon).

Caged my Heart

This knife nearly
nicked my heart
with its serrated silver edge
But the bronze
of my breastbone
is tougher than
a razor point
pointed at the concave of my chest

These hands my hands
nearly plunged this knife in
by black handle
But the pink hold
of my fingers
are more slippery than
the grasp of black

It isn’t bravery or courage
but the lack
that leaves the blades
in their slots
and caged my heart

Heavy Water Shed

Water is heavy, pressing
toes into sinking sand
Cold water nips
my naked flesh
A soft sting
I cannot shed this water
or this skin

Blue-black night bowing
to white moon
Water up to chin
then nose –
Bubbly water burns
back of throat
until I choke –

Take me
Suffocate me –

Why do you spit me
back up
into the open
free air
My naked skin breathes

in the sun’s
Heavy water
shed –

I cannot shed this skin

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