At the Snap of a Finger (excerpt)

In a world where voluntary death was unheard of, so was the skill of finger snapping. No one had ever imagined a connection between the two skills because no one had ever attempted either. No one contemplated consciousness and therefore, never experienced anguish. People were too busy doing to simply be. They were too busy engaged in their various activities to stop for self-rumination. There was no such thing as impatience because there was nothing to expect. Everything that could be expected was already within reach. All one had to do was reach out one’s fingertips.

That was all before Leonard. Leonard the Toddler learned how to snap his fingers all on his own and instantly dropped dead. At first, no one believed Leonard’s death was connected to this newly discovered skill. But Leonard’s upstanding parents insisted that they were witnesses to the monstrous incident. Leonard was rocking on the carpet, watching an action cartoon. They observed the flicking of his right hand, the slipping of thumb against middle finger, a most unusual snapping sound. Leonard landed face down – dead. Further, on the basis of a careful and thorough physical examination, which showed no residue of common disease, the conclusion was drawn that the snap of a finger was the cause of death.

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