New Project in the Works (novella/novel length)

I’m feeling pretty good and confident about what I’ve accomplished in my writing so far, particularly the past several months. Besides my first completed novel for which I’m still seeking publication, I’ve finished two short story collections (containing stand-alone published stories), a full-length chapbook of poetry, and a fictional monologue/interview. I’ve also just completed a non-fiction Dear John essay (at the behest of a dear friend/writing colleague) for a column which should be published within the year. My newest project is tentatively titled, “Slumber Citizens (In the Waking Day),” which taps into the lover of science fiction within me. I hope this works. It’s slowly on its way as I am carefully building characters, personas, new ideas. I want to continue writing poetry and will, but as of now, I’m all burnt out! I wrote poem after poem (which can be viewed and read here on my blog), and interestingly, I feel ready to tackle the longer work of a novella or novel. Wish me luck, the powers of my muse(s), and the frame of mind to keep going, despite my personal apprehensions and doubts.

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