First novel still in the game?!

So House of Anansi Press, which published Margaret Atwood among other Canadian writers, has requested to see a 25-page sample of my novel, The Former Things Have Passed Away, based on a query and synopsis I sent 4 months ago. This is the third press that has made such a request based on a synopsis or sample. My novel has been denied by several other publishers to whom I sent either a portion of my novel or the whole manuscript without request. So here I go again because you have to keep going – particularly when something about your work stimulates even a bit of interest. Now to decide which 25 pages to send and lure them in with…

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  1. Fiona Zedde
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 07:11:06

    Yes, Tina. We keep pushing forward because we need to. Onward! Set up the lure. Reel them in.


    • cannyuncanny
      Feb 23, 2011 @ 09:23:14

      Thanks for the encouragement Fiona; indeed I will. It would be wonderful to have House of Anansi pick up my book because as I did more research on them, they are not only an independent press but were awarded publisher of the year in 2006, and not only do they publish Canadian writers but international ones as well. What’s interesting is Margaret Atwood was published by them and looking back to one of her short stories, it’s what inspired me to write the intro. of my novel in 2nd person! Uncanny, uncanny, if they sign me up!


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