Day 1 of the 50K Challenge!

Lend me 1 minute, and I can expand it into infinity. How many communing, intersecting thoughts can be laid on the page with any sort of sense or meaning in that 1 passing minute? And then multiply that times 60 to equal an hour of letters, words, symbols = language porn. I don’t want to waste 1 minute. March is the month of obsession with every passing minute, mourning each one I spend in slumber or banal activities – though even in slumber, thoughts don’t sleep…

*Orin and I both work full-time (and then some), though I think he has me beat with obligations (maybe!) Today will be a challenge as I have to teach 2 classes, grade 3 class sections of papers coming in this week, and then watch out for a possible evaluation by one of my deans! Okay, I’ll stop complaining and post how many words we both get written by the end of the day (whenever that is)!

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  1. cannyuncanny
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 22:04:00

    At 10:01 pm, I clock in with 1601 words – 1 more than my goal of 1600 a day!
    Orin clocks in with 2064 words.

    *I typed fiction and nonfiction, and did some free-hand writing as well. Yippee!


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