Day 13

It turns out I’m falling behind in my daily targeted word count of 1600 words. Today, only 321 words. But I’m not admitting defeat. See, my novella/novelette is at some kind of a standstill and needs shaping, editing and revising. I’m at 56 pages (15,112 words) with this project and I feel it is very much nearing completion. As happens all the time in my writing, I’ll be engaged with my daily reading and something will hit me in connection to my story. For example, in the middle of reading Zizek’s “Violence,” I was struck by his quote of a statement made by Deleuze (whose philosophical work I greatly admire): “If you’re trapped in the dream of the other, you’re fucked!” That quote impacted me instantly. It forced me to reflect upon an aspect of my story that I had inadvertently left dangling, and that I now know needs to be redressed. So that is what I spent the last hour doing – returning to this part, and shaping it. I came up with only 321 new words, but a few hundred words that are clearly necessary as I draw my novelette to a close.

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