Light of the Careened (Revised)


Moving object in the sideline

of my vision


Slam foot on brake

They say you see

bright lights


If that don’t kill ya’

somethin’ else will

make light

Don’t make light

of the chance meet

of gravity time

and speed


Rag-doll my body

Weight makes light

so that your heavy

pressing wrests

wakeful whispers

from my chest

and ever light steps


Don’t go there she said


…and if, if

I could never, ever again live with myself. I can barely as it is.

– or –

You’re thinking that you are cursed and that a dark cloud always follows you. The day was cloudless and sky.

– or –

You know how hard it is for a car to careen sideways?
Across the highway?
At 9 o’clock in the morning?


I don’t have nightmares

About a car careening

Across the highway


Rather I dreamed

Of a lion

In the form of a roaring tiger

Behind the glass patio door

Cracked slightly open

Hungry only for me

The plugs stuffed in my ears

Factory failed and

Let the tiger in

You have nightmares

I don’t

I step nightly

In the light

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