Writing by hand feels

real. And permanent. Because when you write by hand, in pencil, you are allowed to erase. But you don’t want the erase marks to smear the lovely paper. My friend gave me a seemingly simple gift – a fragile ‘Wallpaper Notebook” with a lined and graph template useful for placing beneath a sheet of paper in order to keep your writing straight. I started writing just now in this delicate journal, by hand, in pencil, a new work I’m calling “Nothing is my everything.” I won’t be revising much because I don’t like the appearance of erasures. I’ll need to trust my creative intuition and movement and watch the pages unfold. I’d like more of these lovely journals, and perhaps call them my “instinct” journals.

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  1. manuela warmsbach
    May 17, 2011 @ 00:31:11

    glad that my little gift stimulated basic creative forces, so to say! luv ya!


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