Non-Touch (from “Myth’s & Meditations”)

We lay on our backs topless, our faces turned to each other. Noses only inches apart. We stayed in this position for quite some time. He was the first to say it.
“I’m feeling a kink in my neck.”
“Yeah, me too.”
So we shifted to our sides. We observed each other blink. I focused on his lazy eye. It was sexy the way his eyelid curved over the pupil, like a peepshow. I separated my lips, just enough to savor his hot breath. His tongue did a striptease, wagging and then rolling. My tongue mocked his. They never touched.
After some time passed, it became difficult to remain on our sides without falling into each other. And so I thought up a brilliant idea. I asked him to lie on his back with his arms spread out and his legs closed tight. I then utilized my athletic arms and legs to hold my body right above his. I balanced my weight on my hands below his armpits and the balls of my feet around his ankles, bending my knees slightly for stability. The tips of my nipples nearly brushed his chest.
Neither of us spoke now. I thought of her, their bodies and tongues entwined. Him dragging her body down the sheets so as to thrust deeper. But this was all the better. This was something she would never have. My arms began to tremble and I focused on the tip of his nose, the tiny flakes of dried skin and the tender pink underneath. Furry black coils peeked out of his nostrils. He crossed his eyes and I giggled. We shadow-rubbed our noses together. I felt aroused with every non-touch.
Before we could further explore the sensations of this position, my limbs began to shake, my body nearly caving in on top of his. I managed to swing my body over, landing on my back.
I purposefully licked my lips as he stared at me sideways. His lazy eye twitched, twice in a row. He was aroused. He then rubbed his reddened cheek and pondered.
He took nearly the same position as I had, suspended right above my body, his chest nearly touching my breasts. Only he kept his legs closed and balanced on his feet between my legs. As he remained steady in this position, I flapped my arms like wings and opened and closed my legs like scissors.
The nearness of his body proved too much for me. I stuck my tongue out, reaching for his lips. His eyes grew wide as I flapped my arms and opened and closed my legs faster.
The more he trembled, the more I reached until I managed to lick his lips. They tasted like salted Chap Stick. His body gave way and he landed on top of me. I wanted to wrap my arms and legs around him, smothering first his mouth and then his chest with open mouth kisses. And then he would pull my hair back and suck on my neck.
He removed his inflamed body from mine. We were once again face-to-face. He shut his eyes, and his breath was cool and sweet. I watched him fall asleep.
If he had been sedated.
Or fickle.
Or weak.
I would have:
Traced the curve of his eyelid with my pointer-finger’s fingertip.
Licked his eyelashes, one eye at a time.
And then his chin. And then his cheek.
Aimed the tip of my right nipple into the hollow of his mouth.
Pressing it against his wet tongue.

But I won’t have it.

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