Wall Crawler

Kitten cradled in crux of arm
Sleep comes swift for two
(In the bedroom)

Brother crawls up hallway walls
All bare hands and feet
(I hover underneath)

Eyes spy Brother reach the peak
Made of cottage cheese
(While they sleep indifferently)

Only yesterday Mother made
Brother’s head into a knocker
(Once into the tile twice harder)

Slide quietly under Spider-hero
While he holds up hallway walls
(So as not to disturb the sleepers)

He creeps into the bedroom
Curls up head to feet
(Meanwhile the sleepers continue to sleep)

Forgive them he says in the language of dreamers
For they know not what to do
(With a head too hard to bruise)

Walls remain fixed as Brother grows
Far too long and big
(To creep and crawl like children).

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