First dramatic piece published at Eclectica Magazine: “Death–A Play”

As promised, my first dramatic piece “Death–A Play” has been published in the summer 2018 issue of Eclectica Magazine.” When asked to comment on this piece for the magazine, “I call this piece a ‘mini-play,’ but it is also a hybrid blend of fiction and creative nonfiction as it delves deeply into the obsessions of my own psyche. It is my first publication of a play, and for that reason I feel extra proud. Some influences I like to mention: Beckett and Pirandello, particularly the latter’s short play Six Characters in Search of an Author. I hope to turn ‘Death: A Play’ into a performance piece someday.”

Here is what the editors say about my and one other play:

“Death: A Play” by Tina Cabrera, prove[s] that, as Seneca said, plays are to be read. I would add that these two plays need to be read; they say much about where we are going as humans.”

Well I’ll take that description! Here is the  link to my piece. I hope the obsessions conveyed resonate with others:

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