Runner’s Log: Before Going Mad and Retiring as a Running Monk

Almost done with this art-book. Here is a page close to the end:

Run Date: Sunday 10/6

No Fitbit Data

  • “I know about your fucking unalienable rights” woman on another leisurely walk with gramps.
  • Old white dude with camouflage hat who wore a “Come and take it” t-shirt on a previous walk.
  • Coincidence? I bet the beat-up car in the parking lot belongs to the free-thinking gal while the big-ass built-in-Texas truck belongs to the gun-loving Trump-supporting old dude with downcast eyes.
  • Little old lady walking her deaf dog; when we met her last time, she looked amused upon our calling Mei-Mei a jerk.
  • Two bikers in fancy biking gear.
  • Two large dark-chocolate colored identical-looking dogs walking their owners.
  • Male twins walking one big dog.
  • Two late teens/early twenties-ish girls having their photos taken. One was dressed in a fancy formal maroon-colored dress while the other wore jeans and a white t-shirt. I heard the latter refer to her girlfriend as the one who “never likes the pictures we take.” Good for them being out in the open as a lesbian couple here in suburban conservative Texas.
  • Two dead frogs flattened on the sidewalk. One was being eaten by a swarm of ants, probably the one we addressed last week as poor, poor, frog. I admire ants for their tenacity and simultaneously despise them for their ability to so completely consume and infest. Ants, like other creatures, act on pure instinct. Do we deceive ourselves into thinking we are free?

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