Running Solo

Most runners nowadays have to run solo because of the restrictions in place over the Corona Virus. I just read this encouraging article from Runner’s World I want to share for those of you feeling discouraged about all the events cancelled in light of social-distancing:

Other circumstances forced me to slow down my running habit to a near trickle–my diagnosis of Urticaria (chronic hives) in recent months. I was hoping to work my way back to the goals I had achieved, such as running 5 and 10K’s at a pace I was happy with. Now, even if I want to, my efforts might become limited as it is some places, such as Spain, where apparently running outdoors is against the law. I’m grateful I have a jogging buddy in my husband Ryan; we run in the early morning hours when there seem to be few of our neighbors out. We don’t have indoor running equipment such as a treadmill, but we do have a stationary rower and bike. But there’s nothing like running freely in the outdoors, and I think I’ll take advantage of this freedom while I have it. For your other running-lovers, what are you doing to compensate for the loss of running events and running partners/groups?

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  1. Sharon Scott
    May 10, 2020 @ 10:32:00

    I miss you. It seems that you’ve moved on from us small people. I wish you would turn around and become small like us again and reconnect to the lover of people; the maker of people.


    • Tina V. Cabrera
      May 10, 2020 @ 11:20:55

      Sharon? Wow, I haven’t heard that name in a long time. From your post, it seems you think I’ve grown an inflated ego. Not really. Just pursuing what I love, writing.


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