In All My Lifetimes

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TVC Writing & Art

Five individuals find themselves in the Bardo at the same time, in the Interim, the space between dying and rebirth. They converse with one another and with the ghosts of their memories at turns: Venerable Arhat (the guide), Unnamed (a narwhal), Edna a would-be animal activist, Bert the Philosopher, and Maria Concepcion, who suffered abuse at the hand of a family member in her previous life. Thefive ‘travelers’ have up to 49 days in the Interim, to processthrough the three stages of the Bardo to realize their fate in the direction of their Karma. Will they resist or come to peace with the manifestation of their fate? Is their fate set in stone, or is there room in the Interim to overcome doubt and finally end the cycle of suffering?

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