AH Issue 3 pp. 17 & 18

The penultimate pages!

AH Issue 3 pg. 16

Nearing the End-Animal Hearts Issue 3 pg. 15

Animal Hearts Issue 3 pp. 13 & 14


AH Issue 3 pg. 12


Artificial Mother

Motherhood through artificial womb, the Singularity, prospect of immortality, guilt and forgiveness; Now published in Issue 3 of Fleas on the Dog


Animal Hearts Issue 3 pg. 11

There’s something about Ernie…

This Week’s Dog Daily

Six Months

I’m experiencing a range of emotions now that it’s been six months since my Papa died and our childhood home is about to belong to another family. I’m sure visiting San Diego will feel so different without either him or the house to greet me with open arms. How does one make the transition without sadness and painful memories? I suppose that’s not possible. Here’s to both my parents who are gone and the home I spent the greater part of 50 years in.

Animal Hearts Issue 3

pp. 9 & 10

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